SatBK Screens – Please Sir, can I have some more?

SatBK Screens – Please Sir, can I have some more?


Do a Barrel Kart!

Of course you can! Or so says gaming website ‘WorthPlaying‘ last November. It seems twenty one new images of the game were added, some of which SSMB members claim to have never seen before, so why not take a chance and go and give your eyes a good oogle at them yourself? Check out the screen shots here and here, and a big thanks to SSMB members TodStar and Tizo for pointing them out!

Sonic and the Black Knight is heading to the Wii this Spring. You can check out the latest two trailers for the game posted here earlier last weekend!


  1. I still think this’ll be more fun than Unleashed. Only guessing, but it’s a guess I’ve been holding for a long time now. These screenshots interest me quite a bit.

  2. wow, the more i see this game in action, the bigger the letdown sonic unleashed seems, keep up the good work sega!!! much better than secret rings… go DARKSPINE SONIC!!!!!!!!

  3. Well after getting Sonic Unleashed for Wii and Xbox 360 im out of money but I hope to have a few games to sell to Gamestop soon so I can pre-order it. I just hope it’s not a let down because im tired of Sonic games that end up being trash. Im a huge SOnic fan and I own every Sonic game to date but it seems to be hard to pick up Sonic Unleashed and play it. I guess it’s becuase I don’t find the game to be fun. I found out fast how true it was that all you did was hold down the control stick and smash a few buttons.

    I have a good feeling SBK can be something if Sega (Sonic Team) can learn from Unleashed.

  4. “It’s-a Barrel-lio Kart!” *shot for bad pun*
    Still, SatBK looks like a fun game (even more badass for barrel karts. I bet all the critics are going to hate that. XD)

  5. Am I the only one here who DID enjoy SU?
    Anyway, this, too sounds very promising 😀
    Next Sonic racer game will be Sonic Barrel Riders 😛

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