SBK: Shadow Screenshots Show No Chopped Off Limbs [Update]

SBK: Shadow Screenshots Show No Chopped Off Limbs [Update]

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Will we ever run out of Monty Python references before Sonic and the Black Knight is released? Probably not, because it’s so much fun! A Chinese Sonic fansite, SONIC HUB, has managed to discover these latest screenshots, which happen to be the first images of former doppelganger Shadow the Hedgehog. Seems weird that every other character is wearing armour yet Sonic’s quite fine to run about in his birthday suit. I guess he’s too hardcore.

Either way, Sonic Team are clearly having a Black Knight gag here, as the surroundings and Shadow’s mask are clear homages to the classic Holy Grail comedy. But who will win between Sonic and Shadow? My guess is, Shadow will call it a draw.

Update (11th January): SEGA America’s product page, that SONIC HUB links to, appear to have more screenshots on offer, including a few that haven’t been seen before and some special artwork too. We’ve included these after the jump, because we’re too good to you. I’m amazed nobody picked up on these – even myself until now, as they’ve been on SEGA’s page for quite a while. Expect them to circulate the interwebs pretty soon after this.

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