Pick up the Pieces: Sonic World Adventure OST Out Today!

Pick up the Pieces: Sonic World Adventure OST Out Today!

Tasty Gatefold Artwork!

Whether or not you’ve decided that Sonic Unleashed is a good game or not, you’ve probably heard a handful of tunes that have got your feet tapping as you blast through levels at break-neck speeds or smack goofy enemies with your Wolfy pimping-hands. So for those of you who are bonkers for Sonic soundtracks, you can rejoice in the knowledge the Sonic World Adventure: Planetary Pieces Official Soundtrack has been released today.

Once again, the usual suspects Tomoya Ohtani, Kenichi Tokoi, Fumie Kumatani & Hideaki Kobayashi have teamed up to create another monstrous album containing a comprehensive collection of all the tracks from the game. The staggering 91 track list includes the rather sexual Werehog Battle music, Jaret Reddick’s “Endless Possibility”, several versions of the game’s theme, and the pleasant “Dear My Friend” from the ending titles. Not only that, the presentation of the box is of the usual incredible standard (there’s a CD with Chip on it!)

You can check out the track listing over at the Video Game Music Data Base, and if you’ve got some coins to spare you can buy yourself a copy from Play Asia or CD Japan for about 4200 Yen...a bit steep at around £31 ($45 – and don’t forget you’ll have to pay for International Postage on top of that), but well worth it if you’re as mad as me for these soundtracks!

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  1. Dang, this is definately going on my “must have” list! But I’d rather wait until the price goes down /a little/~

  2. Already pre-ordered the CD way back, so it should be coming to my home this Saturday. I plan to make a video review on the presentation and CD art of this package. ^_^

  3. Pre-ordered on Play Asia and awaiting it’s arrival to my door 😀 Have you got your copy already T-Bird?!

  4. I didn’t think the Werehog battle music was sexual at all. Sexual music is supposed to be slow.

  5. HOLAS: ™

    91 tracks!!!!?????

    AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8)

    my ears are already enjoying it (no, i don’t have it…. i’m just thinking about it….. yeah…. soundtracks freak here -_-)

  6. My question has been answered! Listening to Cool Edge Day on SSR right now! 😀

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