Own a Dreamcast? Fancy singing with Sonic?

Own a Dreamcast? Fancy singing with Sonic?

So, I was browsing Ebay for rare Sonic merchandise and stumbled across this little gem being sold by user 1ninja*com. I’ve never seen it before as apparently it was only released in Japan. It’s a karaoke add-on for the Dreamcast that comes with a microphone, this particular pack I assume has Sonic tracks on the CD with it to sing along too since the seller lists it as ‘Sonic Karaoke’, though I don’t know which tracks they are.

The mic, unlike the add-on and Dreamcast console comes in sexy black with the Dreamcast logo on it. The add-on has volume controls and 2 microphone sockets so 2 people can play though the pack seems to only come with 1 microphone.

This great piece of kit is a little out of my price range but if you have a thing for rare Sonic merchandise, singing and have the cash you can buy this item now or make an offer as the seller isn’t holding it for auction but instead is straight out selling it, so grab it while it’s there. Item ends 5th Feb ’09.


All info correct as of 19th Jan ’09, 03:00am.


  1. Hey, he’ll be thanking you Jay, that dreamcasts been on there for ages now with no bid XD

  2. I was looking to buy a dreamcast a while back and saw this, but at about £100 inc P+P it was a little too rich for my blood, some of them are going for as little as £20. Although obviously not as awesome, or collectable 😛

  3. Noice!
    These appear from time to time , but as Shadz says, they just didn’t come out over here – A nice little trinket for the Ponie Disco, ay Jay?

  4. Indigo Rush, how do I know you’re not the Tails Doll in disguise? xD
    Nah, I’m just yankin’ your chain.
    Singstar got nothing on this shit.

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