Now You Can Post Comments, Send News Tips!

Now You Can Post Comments, Send News Tips!

043It’s taken a while for us to actually bother with setting up the comments system on TSS. The main reason being is that we wanted those who had signed up on our SSMB Forums to be able to simply log in and comment on stories posted on the main site. Integration, and all that. Turns out that pipe dream’s going to take a bit longer than expected, due to the fact that we need a new version of our forum software to actually start creating our own integrations and what-have you.

So for the time being, you can comment on any of our stories without waiting for any of that forum-linkup nonsense to take place. You can even register an account if you want the site to remember you, if that’s what you’re into. So go do it, and be the coolest Sonic kid on the block, or something.

Also, and we’ve had this for a while but we never really made it obvious – if you have a news tip or anything you would like to submit to The Sonic Stadium for coverage, we have a ‘Send Tips’ page where you can fill in a little form and we’ll respond in kind. It doesn’t matter what it is; whether it’s info on the latest game, your new fan project, a piece of merchandise you’ve spotted (past or present) or some random Sonic video you’ve spotted on Youtube, we’d love to hear from you!

Use this story to let us know what you think of TSS so far in 2009! We’ve got a few more awesome surprises coming your way, so stay tuned to us, as we’ll be getting special features and community updates that you won’t see anywhere else.

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  1. Haven’t been able to comment the front page articles in a long time ๐Ÿ˜€ Nice to be able to do it again! TSS 2009 is going really great so far! Can’t wait to see what else you have in store.

  2. Oh man, I think we’re so going to regret allowing comments. Well, you guys will anyway, I sure as hell aint modding this place XP. I’ve already seen at least one comment that was chock full of unimaginable arse.

  3. I’ve been following TSS for about a year now (or four years, if you count the time I accidently stumbled upon it a long time ago and forgot about it), and all I can say is that 2009 should be a blast. I’m still not sure as to why you have the quote Rouge said at the end of Heroes (“I guess I’m outta here too. I think I’ll go hunt for someone else’s treasure.”), but whatever. Oh, and this is off topic, but that picture you used is my absolute favorite in all of Sonic the Screen Saver (which I could relive on Gems Collection lol).

  4. I hear that =).
    Be nice to hear what people think about the news.
    The fanart articles shall be interesting.

  5. And here I thought the first one was going to be a “FIRST COMMENT LOL” to announce the occasion.

    Oh well. ๐Ÿ˜€ Great job, regardless.

  6. HOLAS: ™

    yay!… now let the fanbitching begins!……. whos better, big the cat or the were…. OH WAIT! -_-

    good to see now i can post in some topics without having to meet the forum requirements ([yoda]fluid english i lack D: [/yoda])

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