New Sonic Plushies? In Europe? With Our Reputation?

New Sonic Plushies? In Europe? With Our Reputation?


It’s true. Eagle-eyed SSMB’er Sonic-Fan has spotted some new Sonic X branded plushies, which will be heading for Europe in ‘Early 2009’. The drawback? You can’t buy them. You can only win them.

The plushies were found on SEGA Prize Europe’s website, which is a subsidiary of SEGA that deals in prize arcade machines – the most common of which being UFO Catchers. While super-rare, SEGA branded UFO Catchers do exist in the UK, with the two most prominent ones located in London’s Trocadero Plaza (the building formerly known as SEGA World) in Piccadilly. Although these plushies will most likely feature in SEGA’s own UFO Catchers, the ‘Trade Purchase’ option suggests that non-SEGA branded machines could also house these awesome looking toys.

You can grab one of five different characters; Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy or Shadow. No Eggman sadly, but these 12″-15″ plushies look very cool indeed and are much better than some of the other official UFO plushies that looked like cheap knockoffs. The Sonic one is particularly cute. D’aw, look’attim. He wants a hug.

If you’re a prominent arcade manager, or a rather brave Sonic fan that will gladly pass themselves off as an arcade manager, then you can buy these plushies in bulk cartons of 6 pieces. You can enquire via the SEGA Prize Europe website.

New Sonic plushies due to be released in early 2009! – SSMB Forums

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  1. I’ll buy the x6 Shadow pack. I already have Knuckles, Sonic and Tails. (Sonic Adventure plushes)

    Who wants to buy one off me then? I can’t have them ALL.

    But seriously this is fantastic, Shadow plushes and they’re in Europe and they’re in the masses!

    They have UFO Sonic X plushes at Thorpe Park.

  2. The Ufo catchers are rare? My local bowling alley has two and it’s not exactly central 😛


    The Sonic X Plushes will be in April 2008
    Now added ”WEREHOG” Plush
    & Cost £12.00 Each when you order it

    My Dad told me that while talking to the Arcade Manager

  4. Has anybody heard if or when a Dr Eggman plush toy will be available in England?
    Seems like the only places to get them are in either USA or Spain!!

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