Mario & Sonic to return for Round 2 at the Olympics?

Mario & Sonic to return for Round 2 at the Olympics?


You better believe they will.  Spanish gaming magazine ‘Nintendo Acción’ have rumoured a wintry themed follow up to the immensely popular ‘Mario & Sonic and the Olympic Games’ that’s to be announced in the next issue.

The original Mario and Sonic (released November 2007) saw the clash of two great gaming icons for the very first time, celebrating the 2008 Beijing Olympic games. Hints in Nintendo Acción’s text (of which is written in Spanish, of course) state that the next meeting between both SEGA and Nintendo’s mascot characters will not be much different from the first, sad news for anyone hoping for a more traditional style of crossover game.

The scan was first posted on the Internet by unofficial Nintendo blog site ‘GoNintendo‘, and despite pointing them in all the right directions, still classes the sequel as a rumour until the revealing issue is out on the market.

What’s your take on the rumour? Are you all for Mario and Sonic’s second trip to the Olympics, or are you craving for something a bit different this time around? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: GoNintendo.

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  1. Hmm… Well, I would’ve preferred a proper adventure game. But it also could make things more interesting for the normally boring winter olympics.

    Wait a minute. That means I’ve got to get all the medals with Tails AGAIN. DAMNIT!!!

  2. After the original’s success, from a business point of view they’d be crazy not to make another, though in terms of creativity and fan demand it amounts to nil. People want a Mario / Sonic platormer crossover, not another minigame fest.

    But I digress, if this is to become reality then it’ll need the following [imho]:

    – Audio overhaul, as the first one’s wasn’t memorable in the slightest [something why is unheard of from both the Mario and Sonic camps]
    – Slight graphical overhaul, if just to please the graphic whores abit.
    – More good new characters, if Cream or the Babylonian Rogues turn up there then that’s just crap…

    The first game was fun for abit but it got old fast, and it wasn’t a good game. If they really want to make this then they need to pump some quality into it at least!

  3. Let’s hope that the game itself is fun. I’m happy with Mario and Sonic in the same game either way.

  4. For me the novelty of Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games wore off in less than a week, I haven’t gone back to play it since. We need a proper Mario and Sonic game where both universes merge and Sonic battles bowser, goombas, koopas, etc. while Mario battles Robotnik, motobugs, buzzbombers, etc.

    If this is real it will take some really amazing olympic events for me to buy it because the original didn’t feel like it was worth the money.

  5. Rather have a more traditional crossover myself, something that could blend Mario’s mastery of the platform genre with Sonic’s…………original speed gameplay. Considering the casual market at the moment a Sonic and Mario at the Olympics 2 would sell more though.

  6. Do we really need another Olympics game after the failure that was Mario and Sonic at the Beijing Olympics?

  7. Why, EggBoy? Because the City of Vancouver and the Village of Whistler, both in B.C., Canada could use some exposure as they gear up for the 2010 Winter Olympics. 😛 🙂

  8. I’d rather a platformer crossover, but Olympics again wouldn’t be so bad, I guess. The first one was good for a novelty. Not worth 50 bucks on the Wii, though. The DS version was better.

  9. The winter Olympics could prove to be a far more entertaining experience as far as events go, although most likely resulting in a lot of wiimote tilting. I think the reason we have yet to see a traditional platformer between the two is just because of how unfeasable the thought it without sacrificing ones gameplay over the other. A Mario & Sonic RPG would probably be a safer bet. But yes Olympics.

  10. Okay. We’ve proven Mario and Sonic are from the same universe. Now would Sega and Nintendo like to put them in an actual game together rather than a bunch of minigames?

  11. Man, now I’m all bummed. D: I did like the first one, but darnit I want a REAL Mario/Sonic crossover game, not another minigame fest.

    …by the way, $10 says this is what that mushroom site was. Which makes me sad. ‘Cause I wanted a real Mario/Sonic crossover game.

    I guess I’ll just stick to Brawl. :K *shrug*

  12. I don’t understand why SEGA and Nintendo can’t just make a game where Mario and Sonic’s universes combine and they end up fighting each other’s foes! Even an RPG with parties consisting of characters from both series would be better than this Olympic crap.

  13. i love the idea, but i do agree with others about a platforming game, although the 1st olympics i think of as an enhanced wii sports… remember that sonic was also in SSBBrawl, but sfter the sucess of that crash bandicoot and spyro the dragon cross over on GBA years ago, i could imagine a platformer that would switch universes and then they would team up to defeat eggman and bowser…. the perfect comeback to sonic adventure 1 & 2….

  14. I liked the first one but it got old really fast. But for me i guess it would cool if they had a 2 one.

  15. Mario/Sonic crossover…Mario/Sonic co-oper…Mario/Sonic platformer…BRING ON THE TRUE MARIO/SONIC SUPER MEGA AWESOME MERGING BATTLE GO!!


    Have any of you children actually PLAYED a Mario, I mean actually PLAYED it?! Oh I see some hands up. Ok, upon that evidence: at what point did it occur to you that type of gameplay is compatible with anything from Sonic, even the Genesis games?

    Mario: Exploration heavy, precision platforming, power-ups affects the gameplay style, slow

    Sonic: straightforward action, physics based platforming, mostly skill based, FAST…..does what Nintendont LOL.

    Mario and Sonic are competitive entities for a reason OTHER than corporate rivalries and no ammount of gimmickry, storytelling, mash-ups and hopeful optimism will ever bring their respective gameplays together without it all crumbling down. And no, you can stop there: showing me crappy bootleg hack mash-ups like “Somari” and youtube videos of Sonic running down the Mushroom Kingdom won’t prove anything else.

    But if the kids are hell bent on seeing an “epic” (re:corny) story about Mario and Sonic teaming up with all their respective sidekicks and generic rivals (cause you need generic rivals for the fangirlsl; who wants ShadowxWario?) against the diabolic forces of Bowser and Eggman (Oh I’m sorry, I mean “Doctor Robotnik” because it’s much more “Eeeeevil” moniker @_@) who uses the powers of the 14 Macguffins and Dues Ex Machinas to merge their respected universe in a epic battle of good and evil that would make anything George Lucas writes look like a respected t.v. drama….might I suggest an RPG?

    You don’t need to use the definite elements of both series, so they don’t trip over each other and just add the minor elements, like jumping and bopping on people’s heads. Both have done it to varying degrees of success and it can be done again: Let Miyimoto produce and Sakurai direct it, using the SEGA WOW team (Skies of Arcadia, Valkeria Chronicles) for development, and music from both Koji Kondo and Takenobu Mitsuyoshi and that sounds like a good game it self.

    Of course, hate me all yo uwant, just try to think practically about this FOR ONCE. Better a mediocre party game than a mediocre platformer. 😛

  16. Hopefully they bring in more characters to choose than the ones they offered in the first one :0

  17. Mario & Sonic at the Winter Olympic Games ? The first was okay but it really got old after I got Brawl & unlocked Sonic & I kinda hoping for a Action Adventure title 🙁 hell if this game is real I`ll buy if it is fun & uses the gamecube & classic controlers if not the game is going to be hard as hell to play 🙁

  18. Ugh, ANOTHER Olympics games with Mario and Sonic? The first one was terrible. I don’t have any hopes this one will be any better.

  19. The more Mario and Sonic games the better. The first Olympic Games and Brawl were both awesome. Hopefully this will soon lead to a platformer, adventure where they team up against Botnik and Bowser.

  20. Just found this On IGN:

    “IGN’s done a little digging, though, and has independently confirmed that the game is in development and set to be announced in the next month — which, by the way, really isn’t hard to believe given the astronomical sales figures for the first title in the franchise.

    Look out for more coverage on the sequel when it’s officially unveiled. Until, let the speculation wars rage on about which winter games will and won’t make the cut, and just as importantly, whether the title will support Wii MotionPlus, as we all hope it will. “

  21. HOLAS: ™

    you know… a mario & sonic platformer doesn’t sound impossible…. i know…. there are 2 completely different gamestyles…. but…… doesn’t that reminds you….. you know… a sonic game who had been relased last year…..

    *runs before everyone realizes what i’m talking about and start shooting me*

  22. I may not buy it but I can say that the 1st game was good (before your arms fall off anyways LOL! :))

  23. If they include a hockey game in it, I am SOLD.
    Some new character models more appropriate for winter Olympics might be nice, too.

  24. You know what’ll be interesting if they used the Wii Balance Board for skiing and stuff.
    Other than that, like most people, a more interesting crossover game is needed.

  25. A winter olympic game? Finally! I haven’t seen my poor boy Sonic snowboard for real since SA1! They better hot tricks for him!!!

  26. The thing about the winter Olympics is that some of the events are waaay longer. I would like to play hockey or maybe use a snowboard (Sonic should win that one but he won’t because we all saw what happened with the sprint in the first Mario and Sonic … Sonic would’ve won in less than a second…)…

  27. Okay I can see how the roster might be like :
    Team Mario : Mario , Luigi , Peach , Yoshi , Wario , Daisy ,Waluigi , Bowser , DK , Diddy Kong , Bowser Jr. ,Rosalina , Birdo , Koopa , Toad , & Toadette

    Team Sonic : Sonic , Tails , Knuckles , Amy , Shadow , Blaze , Eggman , Vector , Espio , Charmy , Rouge , Jet , Storm , Wave , Silver , & Cream

    & Miis It would be sweet if the game did have 32 charathers but then again no one wants to get all the medals … but still more charathers would make it fun

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