IGN Takes Yet Another SEGA Compilation For A Spin

IGN Takes Yet Another SEGA Compilation For A Spin

IGN has a preview of the upcoming (and umpteenth) compilation from SEGA, Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection, up on its website.  Despite the game having the infamous “butt Sonic art,” the previewer, Ryan Clements, is all smiles about this upcoming batch of 40 Genesis tiles on one disc.

Ryan notes that the game features a filtering system in the game selection menu.  You can arrange the titles by genre or your personal rating, thus putting all of your favorite 16-bit adventures at the top of the list.  It looks to be yet another winner for SEGA, as it continues to rehash its back catalog until the end of time (and by back catalog, I mean Genesis games.  My homebrew-enabled Wii can’t emulate a Saturn, SEGA.  A little help here!)

Ryan does not touch upon the “hated” (I guess?) upscaling filter that makes all the games “HD.”  Don’t worry, because WorthPlaying.com has some “HD” screens of Sonic 2 and they are awful.  Let’s sneak a peak at the legendary special stage:


Aw, man, who wiped their nose with the Sonic screenshots again?  Wait, nobody did?  Well, shit.

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  1. The games turned into HD look like carp if you ask me. Awr!
    The filter feature sounds good. If I had one of the consoles, I’d probably buy this one, as I’ve been dreaming about buying a compilation. 😛

  2. All they did for HD was smooth out the pixelation with a blur tool. If they did it like UDON where they redrew everything for Street Fighter HD Remix, then this compilation would’ve been something special.

  3. i just watched a trailer on gametrailers.com, watched it in HD on my HD tv and it does look really good, put it on full screen and they are smooth and it looks like they did a good job making it HD. so if people said that they are just saying its in HD becuase they smoothed it a littke, your wrong. tell that to someone that has an HD tv like i do. so to people that say the HD looks like crap oviously dont have an HD.

  4. Well I’ll be gettin it, as I haven’t got any of the previous ones…and it’s been yonks since I played some of those games….
    And I never played sonic 3 either….

  5. Yeah, I agree. Doesn’t look good in the screenshot. But maybe it won’t look bad like that. Sold my PS3 but I will be buying it anyway.

  6. I don’t have to buy this, I have an Genesis emu on my PS2 and I’ve just have to contect the PS2 to my big HD TV! I don’t need those smooth thingy things. XD But I might buy itm for some reason(very stpuid reason) I want to feel this Playstation 3 magic. ;p XD

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