IGN Showcases Completely Different SatBK Trailer

IGN Showcases Completely Different SatBK Trailer


Screw “Darkspine Sonic!” I’ll take “Gold Knight Sonic” any day of the week!

It looks like the one-to-one odds that a new super-form would appear in this game have seemingly come true.  This above image was seen in a completely different trailer for SatBK hosted at every Sonic fan’s favorite website, IGN.  Their trailer has the instrumental version of “Knight of the Wind,” more wacky sword play, more castle crashing, darker locales, and (ugh) G…Gol…Gold Knight Sonic.  I wonder what 7 magical McGuffins you have to collect to unlock this particluar super-form?  Anyway, hit the break for the trailer.

If you have problems viewing the video, click here to go directly to IGN.

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  1. Hey, you said one to one odds of HULKING BLACK KNIGHT. You clearly placed the wrong bet here. This Sonic is gold ;).

    Pay up, mi compadre!

  2. I bet it will either be 7 Mystical Swords or Stones [most likely the latter]. I can’t remember much of the Athurian myths past Avalon to be honest though.

    And oh, it might just be me/Vista/IE Beta 8, but the comments box is messed up for me here. It’s way narrow and I can’t even see what I’m writing here!”

  3. My guess is you will have to collect 7 rune stones in this one. Fits the Arthirian legend quite well.

  4. why am i getting excited for this? Its freaking sonic with a sword. Its suppose to look bad! Is there something wrong with my perception today?

  5. @MegaRed

    Nope you
    ain’t. I know that me and a dude on the GoNintendo site

    think the same thing! ^-^

  6. Gold Knight Sonic? O_O
    Love it, SEGA! 😀

    What’s up with Sonic falling in a scene that resembles a Mickey Mouse or Looney Tunes cartoon? If SEGA’s intention is to revive what made Sonic as a character special in the early days, I think they’re making a good job with Night of the Werehog and this (maybe).

  7. You know, it might just be that you collect the chaos emeralds, and it super charges the little armour part on his arm? I dunno….just a thought, the game doesn’t look to bad…..

  8. You know what…at first I thought this game was going to suck balls. now that I see it…it’s SatSR but with a sword. I thought they were going to change the gameplay. I loved SatSR, and I’ll probably like this one more since it’s running and slashing. Loved the Golden Armor Sonic there, although It worries me how it will play out in the game. I know the game won’t be awesome, but I’ll enjoy it either way.

  9. Damned IGN. First they MC Hammer Sonic Unleashed, NOW they give us a trailer that makes me want Black Knight more than before. And I wanted it A LOT THEN.

  10. Hoping that the gold armour isn’t actually a super form, since Sonic’s still blue underneath it all. In that case, it might not even be a form persay since it’s just equipment (hoorays for getting technical). Knuckles and Shad both have full sets of armour, so perhaps you collect it as the game plays out, though it’s presentation in the trailer definately screams “Superness”.

  11. I dunno… They wouldn’t show something as spoilerific as that, would they? Guess we’ll just have to wait and see, but I don’t think they’d show the new super form in a trailer.

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