Get ’em while they’re hot! Sonic and the Black Knight Character Sheets!

Get ’em while they’re hot! Sonic and the Black Knight Character Sheets!


Earlier today ‘Hero of legend‘ reported to TSS with a most intriguing link leading to a Nintendo fan-site named ‘‘ It appears the site has managed to get a hold of some exclusive character model sheets from the upcoming ‘Sonic and the Black Knight’ title currently in development exclusively for the Nintendo Wii.

The character model sheets show off some nifty angle shots of Sonic (as himself), Knuckles (as Sir Gawain), Shadow (as Sir Lancelot) and finally Blaze (as Percival.) Technically the first we’ve seen of Blaze in the game. The model sheets show off her new re-design complete with an armoured mask, similar to that of Gawain and Lancelot’s. Keep in mind all of these character models are taken from the CG Cut Scene areas of Sonic and the Black Knight. TSS seriously doubt’s you’re going to be seeing models as detailed as that in-game.

It’s still unclear how WiiNintendo managed to get their hands on the character model sheets, but what’s even more interesting is a thirty second video showcasing all the characters present, of which has been uploaded to the Nintendo themed websites Youtube account.

You can check out the character model sheets here and the video showcase of all four characters at Youtube here. Just look at those Knights spin!

UPDATE: Unfortunately, it appears that both the images and video have disappeared from the Internet. Either WiiNintendo decided to remove the models on their own accord or with a little encouragement from SEGA. Fear not though disheartened reader, as you can still view all of the images in the SSMB forum topic right here.

See? I told you to get them while they’re hot. Now they’re all gone. Huge thanks to the sexiest of all Sheza’s for the heads up!

Source: WiiNintendo.


  1. If those are from CG cutscenes, the detail level is appallingly low…

    These models are no more detailed than Sonic Unleashed Wii’s Sonic model. :/

  2. ya i saw this on youtube aswell weird huh i dnt think leaks are real anyway they do it to get people interested like the opening of sonic unleashed on youtube

  3. I thought all of the cut scenes in this game, save for the opening and ending, were those wood-cut animated ones, like in Secret Rings. It’s not impossible for the Wii to pull of models like this, just really hard.

  4. to Sock Fox:

    Don’t judge too much by these. Remember that it’s not only the detail of the model that makes it appealing. Most of what your mind will perceive as impressive is the lighting when the model is rendered. Lighting is what makes any model believable/realistic, not so much intricate models or detailed textures. Without proper lighting, even, say, Pixar’s renderings look pathetic. (If you’re ever seen behind-the-scenes stuff from Pixar, you’ll know what I’m talking about)

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