Fandemonium: Boss Battles

Fandemonium: Boss Battles

Dr.Eggman, the evil scientist extroardinaire has built many a contraption to defeat our hero Sonic the Hedgehog. In this edition of Fandemonium we take a look at some of the easiest, the trickiest and most irritating challenges the plump villain has sent the blue speedster’s way.

Most Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy Sneezy Febrezey On Your Kneezy (O_o) Boss

This is a compilation of all bosses from Sonic Pocket Adventure but the easy one is obviously the first one. Eggman is threatening Sonic with a slow hammer no bigger than Amy’s Piko Piko hammer, but how does Sonic defeat it? Simply jump over the hammer and hit him, shouldn’t take long as Eggman moves slow enough and the hammers low enough to give you plenty of air space to jump over the hammer. This is the easiest boss in Sonic history in my opinion – even Emerald Hill Zone’s boss could at least catch you by surprise and shoot that spiky hood ornament.

Deadly Rating: 1/5

Tricky but do-able if patient

Yes, Knuckles in Sonic 2’s Death Egg Zone. Now I didn’t know until I just saw this video that you could hit the giant Eggman bot in the knackers before he blasts off. When I used to play this I thought you could only hit him in the chest when he lands, and due to Knuckles’ lower jumping it would take me twice as long. This is still a long drawn out battle compared to most Sonic bosses though and can have you attempting the impossible and tempting death to try and save some time.

Deadly Rating – 4/5

Most irritating boss battle in history

Anyone up for pinball, Sonic style? Sound fun? Well what if I told you the final boss has –
> Socks that block your way and throw you out of eventually broken windows leading out of the arena?
> Claws that grab you and drop you down a chute that leads out of the arena if the doors are open
> A hole underneath the flippers that leads you out of the arena
> A plunger you have to aim pretty precisely at to get rid of the socks/claws when they appear.

Sound tough and irritating? Well, it certainly is and if you fall or are flung/dropped out of the arena you fall half way back down the level and have to make your way back up to Eggmans ship again to continue the battle. I will always remember this battle as the most irritating boss battle in the history of Sonic games.

Deadly Rating – 5/5, Eggman’s Smelly Sock Rating – 5/5

Most fun boss battles

Sky Sanctuary, how I love you. The music is awesome in this stage, but what I love most in this stage are the cool Mecha Sonic (is that what this version’s called?) battles as the first 2 contraptions he has are from Sonic 1 and 2, which were a nice surprise. Afterwards we have a cool fight with the robot himself who tries all sorts of tricks to prevent you accessing the Death Egg. This was a memorable and above all, fun string of bosses.

Deadly Rating – 3/5

Toughest Boss in history

Metal Sonic in Sonic the Fighters. This has got to be the toughest boss in Sonic game history. It took me days until I finally beat him and even longer for me to achieve Super Sonic in this fight. Metal Sonic has an whole arsenal of moves that will over-power you or hit you before your move can hit him. If you have never gotten angry with video games to the point where you’re swearing at your T.V., then this battle will break your track record.

Deadly Rating – 6/5 – Extremely Deadly

That brings us to the end of this edition of Fandemonium, if there are any Boss Battles you think should have made it here, let us know. Also, if you have any idea’s for the next Fandemonium article you can let us know those too at the SSMB topic.

P.S. Video’s used are not mine and are copyright to their respective owners.

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  1. what about egg emperor and egg viper as real clever but real irritating boss,
    unless it’s only classics, in which case why is the final boss of sonic 3(before you
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