Fanatics: What I’m Made Of

Fanatics: What I’m Made Of

With Sonic’s new super-form revealed, let’s take some time to reflect on some “super” moments from the past.  Metal Sonic’s return in “Sonic Heroes,” a game that I really enjoy for some reason, was nothing short of awesome.  BlazeTBW captures the moment Metal goes berserk and becomes an “overlord” in his piece “Fight with the Overlord.”

BlazeTBW drew this work for the Black Knight contest and didn’t win.  Like I said with a previous rejected entry, the ones that were picked must be amazing if they didn’t accept this one.  BlazeTBW sketched the work in pencil and uses her Wacom tablet, Photoshop, and Corel Painter X to color and detail the whole thing.  She thinks that it is her best Sonic work to date and I certainly agree.

My own take on this work relates the expressions on Knuckles and Tails’ faces.  I like to think that they aren’t grimacing over Metal Overlord and his ability to “ownz jOO,” but rather, why they don’t get a super form, something that we all questioned within the community when Heroes’ ending was revealed.  Look at Knuckles, he’s so mad about not getting his super form!  Haha…oh, I’m getting sidetracked.  Nice work, BlazeTBW.

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  1. Great pic. I really enjoyed Heroes too. So much better then most of the games that followed, aside from Unleashed. Never understand the hate…

  2. I prefer to wait til I have the game to see Sonic’s new form, since I already saw Shade’s face.
    Very well done. Keep showing more art.

  3. You know what? Your right…why didn’t Knuckles and Tails turn into their super forms in Sonic Heroes? :/

  4. Because if Tails had turned into his super form then all his Flickies would’ve just pwned Metal.

    But going off of that last piece also being rejected, I would not be surprised if awesome pieces got turned away because SEGA’s going for accuracy. In this case, “Super Sonic isn’t in the middle”, or somethin’ like that.

  5. “Metal Sonic’s return in “Sonic Heroes,” a game that I really enjoy for some reason, was nothing short of awesome.”

    Yeah “for some reason” is right. I can’t understand why you like it.

    “why they don’t get a super form, something that we all questioned within the community when Heroes’ ending was revealed.”

    Guess that means that you liked it even though you (by the looks of it) and most other people didn’t. The artwork itself is great…just some things I’ll never understand.

  6. “Heroes” just has some vibe about it that clicks for me. I don’t understand it either. I played through the first couple zones today after posting this piece, actually.

  7. OMG I’m so flattered dude! Thanks for the feature!

    …There’s just one small detail though- ^^; I’m a “she”. LOL

    But everything else aside, this is awesome. I didn’t even know about it ’til around 7pm PST though (a friend of mine called me up and told me about it)-

    =D A pleasure to have made it!

  8. lol when you think about it, it doesnt really make sense since in Sonic 06 After he went super he turned Shadow and Silver Super, yet in Sonic Heroes he didnt, doesnt make much sense does it 😛

  9. Ahh, Sonic Heroes. Best 3D Sonic game ever. While this boss battle was way too easy, the presentation and music combined made this a battle to remember.

  10. HOLAS: ™


    this is simply awesome!!!!! gotta love metal sonic 🙂 being awesome in every game he is… i would choice metal sonic over every “monster of the week” sonic team made in their lasts games…. (also reminds me a manga character named pain, but thats another story)

    fantastic job is fantastic

  11. That’s my talented girl. ;~; <3

    This should have bloody won. The winners’ art all better be UBER f***ing good if THIS didn’t make it.

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