Fanatics: True Chaotix

Fanatics: True Chaotix

Don’t you tell me that this isn’t cool!  SFGHQ member, Ironrind, posted this yesterday in the General Fangame Discussion forum and I j’d in my p.  He explains his concept:

This is still an early protype, but the idea is that each act is broken up into three ‘tracks’. Scattered throughout each track will be buttons, switches, doors and various types of gimmicks which link all tracks together. I plan to design most of this game in a team-based fashion simular to Knuckles Chaotix.

Visit the True Chaotix thread.

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  1. Oh snap! That’s the best thing I’ve seen out of a fangame for the longest time! This guy should work for Sega. Or at least put this on WiiWare.

  2. Wow, what a great idea! The jumps between tracks are slightly unconvincing but it definitely opens up loads of doors for traditional Sonic level design. Wonder if Sega will ever try something like this?

  3. I am a big fan of this guys work. This gamemaker is the same dude that did Sonic Nebulous which I loved.

  4. Wow. I must say thats impressive.
    Knuckles, Espio, Vector, Charmy, Mighty and… MORE? awesome XD

  5. That engine is great! How come SEGA never did anything like that? I mean, before. When they used sprites!

  6. Heh, this would go great on the Nintendo DS.. My Sugesstions for characters are: Ashura The Hedgehog,Wechinda The Echidna ( these characters were glitches in knuckles chaotix)Vector,Mighty,Charmy,Ray,Knuckles,Bomb,and Heavy.. Do you think there could be any left out? But you could also include Upside down parts where you have to flip the DS in all directions to get in balance.

  7. what program did that guy use to make that game?I was thinking in doing something similar but based in
    sonic heroes/adventure

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