Fanatics: Ride Them Badniks ‘Round and ‘Round

Fanatics: Ride Them Badniks ‘Round and ‘Round

It’s kind of hard getting a daily article in when the site that you write for goes down for entire days at a time.  :s

Anyway, now that I’m actually into TSS, check out some damn art by gsilverfish.  It was made for the GHZ art contest, but was an hour late and not entered.  I hope a TSS front page feature is enough of a consolation, Mr. g.

Sonic CD is my favorite Sonic game.  Shock.  I know that people in the SSMB are discussing how overrated it is, but fuck ’em.  Not only is this picture set within Sonic CD, but it just has an undeniable charm to it.  The colors really pop with some excellent shading techniques and seeing Sonic ride on the back of a badnik is awesome.  Also, +10 points for the use of that wacky flying jet-ski that Robotnik is riding.

Nice work, g.  I hope people in the comments section will talk about your art and not about Sonic CD.  *wink wink everybody*

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  1. hey man if there no real sonic news today there no rush to find some picture which is very cool BTW so relax i log on everyday anyway to blog and see if theyre any news if theyre none then i leave i gone but i always come back tomorrow

  2. Yo Brad! Just dropped by to say that your quick analysis of carefully selected fan art pieces of the Sonic/deviantART community is something to look forward to every time I visit TSS. I reckon it’s a brilliant idea that you’re able to share your time and insight to the fan artists out who deserve some recognition. Please do keep up the good work! *thumbs up*

  3. I love the bright colours and the way that theyre used.

    Sonic riding a badnik was pretty clever too!

  4. WOW! This art is REALLY good. If Sonic is in the next Mario Kart, then this should be his bike. 😉

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