Fanatics: Punch That Werehog Dead

Fanatics: Punch That Werehog Dead

I have a question for you all.  Did you play Sonic Unleashed and wished that you played as Knuckles during the nighttime stages?  Well, according to DeviantArt user, gilau, so did Knuckles.  In a blur, Knuckles is seen here beating the shit out of  the most awful character in the series.  Yes, Big the Cat is better than Sonic the Werehog.  Allow me to pause as you pick up the pieces of your blown mind.

Anyway, thumbs up on the image concept, gilau. Super-thumbs up on the coloring and the whole “dirty draw” look.  I’m not quite sure how you made this one, but whatever, it’s cool.

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  1. hi!!! im gilau of deviantart, thanx a lot for this <3 i feel honred to faind my draw and an opinion like this on sonic stadium ;w;, im glad you like my style, im very gratfull and yes i think werehog is just a publicity character ¬¬, even big is better, because has some originality in the in the disain, is not made just for selling more. is somthing patetic about sonic becoming a werehog stolling other characters abilitys. but thanx again, i feel very happy about this!! i have to thanck you -w-

  2. Well, I can understand how you don’t like the Werehog, but come on. Worse than Big? Big was a shoehorn in every game he was in, especially in Sonic Adventure in which he contributed virtually nothing to the story and his only “boss” was just awful and pointless. I’m all for diversity in characters, but Big is the most shallow one out there; “Froggy” this, “Froggy” that. BioWare said they would make him seem more intelligent in Chronicles and not even they could do that.

    At least the Werehog had character, a point and decent gameplay.

  3. @previous two posters: So I think the werehog is worse than Big the Cat. Big whoop, wanna fight about it?


  4. @people who think Werehog is better than Big

    If Big the Cat, and the Werehog were to get into a fight, fifty bucks says that Big would crush him with his massive weight. Atleast Big has provided some laughs from his intelligence, or more so lack of it.

  5. Nah. I make it a point not to fight over fictional entities. I’m just satisfied that the Werehog is just a Werehog and not a Shovelwerehog.

  6. My little brother ( who is in this games actual target age range ) likes the werehog better than sonic.

  7. @Jix

    The Werehog figure is nothing compared to Big’s figure’s awesome fishing rod using, froggy chasing action!

  8. This isn’t about werehog vs big, although Big does win that one. It’s about the fact that only the werehog could make even Sonic go down the tubes as a character who sucks at least part of the time… and at this point I’m pretty sure we can’t afford that. Thanks SEGA!

  9. I must be the only one who actually liked the Werehog [for what he was], and I had the gimped Wii version, and actually admired facets of Big’ then?

  10. Listen, we all have our opinions. Some like Werehog, some hate. Well, big freakin doo. Enjoy your OWN opinion.

    Thank you.

  11. Is it really worth arguing about whether anyone likes Werehog or Big or not? This is not what I enabled Comments for. If we’re not going to get along, I’ll remove it instead.

    Now play nice. ;P

  12. I’m just joking around anyway. Can’t I joke around ever? Does anybody in this community have a sense a humor?

    You decide.

  13. ….big the cat wasnt the topic at all, it was werehog wasent it?…0.0 any way … i think that not knowing if he is worse than big is enoff prouve to say that werehog is not a good character. a a, bioware cant make big smarter, but i think they try to make hem funnier,…that didnt work a lot ether i guess. ;_;

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