Fanatics: Noble Sonic is Noble

Fanatics: Noble Sonic is Noble

Sorry about the lack of “Fanatics” yesterday.  I’m not going to lie to you…I was pretty hungover and I, how would you say, “couldn’t be arsed” to do it.

Anyway, as a not-fan of SatBK, you might be questioning why I posted this piece up today.  One word: lighting.  Ihearrrtme‘s work here on the lighting and shading is incredible and deserves recognition.  It has even got that next-gen “bloom effect” to it, which is cool in moderation.  Ihearrrtme says:

The Tokyo Game Show trailer of Sonic and the Black Knight was so awesome, it inspired me to make this picture! : )

Rarely do I ever add actual scenery/backgrounds to any of my works, because, well… I’m horrible at drawing them. X[ I tried to make it look like the logo image on Sega of Japan’s SATBK website. Blending a few patterns together and adding some lighting/shading effects, I managed to pull it off for once!! : )

Do it again, Ihm.

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  1. I don’t know what constitutes “less known” or “well known” on a site like -DeviantArt-. I just find cool shit.

  2. Well if you scroll down and look at how many favorites a picture has, then you would know and I think 572 favorites is popular…Hell, anything over 40 favorites is popular.

  3. That’s pretty cool. Makes me want to get the game now. Even though I’m playing SatSR… I hope The Black Night is even better than SatSR and SU.

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