eBayWatch – Malfunctioning Gateway Keyboard!

eBayWatch – Malfunctioning Gateway Keyboard!


Yes, you heard right! Sonic Retro member (and man behind the name ‘Dr. Ivo Robotnik’), Dean Sitton, has been kind enough to auction his malfunctioning gateway keyboard on eBay for the bargain ‘Buy It Now’ price of $66.60 (quite the joker, Dean.)

Along with the keyboard however are some very rare pieces of Sonic Merchandise, something any collector would want to get their hands on. A Canadian printed  8 page promotional Sonic Comic with a 7 page copy of the original pencil drawings illustrated all the way back in the August of 1991.

Deans auction is currently sitting comfortably at the bidding price of $31, though is quite the bargain even at the ‘Buy It Now’ cost. You can check out the auction here and read up on some interesting discussions with the man himself over at Sonic Retro.


  1. Next time I want to sell a Malfunctioning(tm) item, I’ll include some sketches of Sonic that I drew on some old paper, print some genesis-like cover and state it’s a lost promotional comic that’s a must-have for collectors… with a buy-now price of 100 dollars, americano. 😛 even if somebody decided to check it’s validity in a laboratory, they’d have to still buy it first \(^o^)/ lol what an awesome strategy.

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