Channel Watch: Get Romantic With Chip Wallpaper

Channel Watch: Get Romantic With Chip Wallpaper


Sonic Channel, for the uninitiated, is Japan’s official Sonic the Hedgehog website. It’s about ten thousand times better than the American counterpart, Sonic Central, and is currently 100% better than the European Sonic City, which doesn’t exist yet (expect that to change when it re-launches though). It’s updated on a regular basis and provides plenty of decent fanservice for Asian fans of the blue blur. Every so often, we’d like to track the updates we find on Sonic Channel, so you don’t miss out on some good stuff.

Every month we’re treated to a new desktop wallpaper and calendar PDF, which features the talented artwork of Yuji Uekawa (who should really do more artwork for promotional purposes like game boxes – too many CG pieces flying around) – and every so often a little bio written by SEGA Europe’s Community Team as well. Recently the character art has been in a sketch style, which is a cool way of seeing how Sonic and Tails are usually drawn.


February’s calendar character is none other than Chip from Sonic World Adventure / Unleashed. I guess it makes sense – Valentine’s Day is the time of love, and Chip just happens to ‘looooooooove’ chocolate. We’re glad the little random sprat is getting some facetime. Even though it’s pink, it’s on my desktop. Because hey, I’m comfortable with my sexuality. Are you? Click here to grab the wallpaper and here for the calendar PDF.

The other main activity on the Japanese website appears to be on the official microsites of Sonic World Adventure and Sonic and the Black Knight, with the latter updating with a pretty cool video featuring Jun ‘Junny Baby’ Senoue and Johnny Gioeli performing ‘Knight of the Wind’ in a SECRET LOCATION. Well, a studio. A studio in a SECRET LOCATION. It’s pretty good stuff, head to the microsite and click the video called ‘Hey All’ to see it.

Finally, even though they’re really old items on the website, we want you to take a look at this video featuring Junny Baby and Takenobu Mitsuyoshi (of the SEGA Sound Team live performance band) singing Happy Birthday to Sonic (totally epic), and some awesome ‘Basic Sonic’ stationary that you wish you could buy.

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  1. There’s something wrong with you if you don’t like Chip; he’s probably one of the most interesting characters added recently to Sonic’s group of (as Yahtzee put it) Neon Woodland creatures! Uekawa’s art is always awesome…in fact the styles of Sonic Channel are always fantastic. I’m going to have to print off and make the CD case calendar at some point!

    As for the stationary guys; they’re sold out. I should know, I bought the last of it. ;_;


  2. There’s a chip in all of us Adam. That’s why we can relate to the guy a lot whether it be about the food he likes or how he reacts to certain things – (COME! I FIGHT YOU! HA HA! WOO-WAH! *does Bruce Lee pose* ~ remember that in the Mazuri scene?)

    Anyways Uekawa’s art style rules – I am in debt for his inspired anthro/cartoon style.

    Ha ha! I’m not surprised you got the last of it – you probably got more than just one set of it too (greedy bugger…! XXD) Blackpot the Pirate (Arrgh!) you shall be called in future for stealing all the loot… *SHOT* XD

    Cheers for the news updates Svend. Hope to chat with ya sometime soon on Skype.

  3. I’ll get that wallpaper once it’s February xD I’m still adoring the werehog wallpaper >.>

    Anyways, yay!! Chip! Crap… Every time I see that dog thing, I think of chocolate… good thing we got Valentine’s Day ^_^

  4. Once again, Takenobu Mitsuyoshi makes everything godly with his fantastic voice…even the Sonic Heroes theme song and the birthday song…

    He should be in more games, all songs sung by him wil lresult in an epic soundtrack unlike all others!

  5. Wow!
    I has Chip as my laptop backround!
    He is cute, but to experience his full cuteness change the voice to Japanese. Kawaii!
    I don’t have Sonic Unleashed, but it’s pretty good by the sound of it. Anyway’s, I wish TSS Happy Valentines Day!

    Who the hell runs that site? Vector?
    (I know that Sega of Europe runs it, just a joke for all of you people who have played ShTH)

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