Box Art: Japanese Sonic & the Black Knight cover revealed!

Box Art: Japanese Sonic & the Black Knight cover revealed!

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Earlier this week SSMB member ‘Hero of Legend‘ reported to TSS with some high quality screen shots of the PAL box artworks of ‘Sonic and the Black Knight’, Sonic’s latest medieval themed adventure on Wii. Earlier today, the same member updated us with a first look at the Japanese front cover of the title, and as per usual, it’s entirely different to other PAL and NTSC territory artwork.

Sporting a brand new CG render of Sonic ad Calibur, the Japanese box artwork for Sonic and the Black Knight also shows off the blue ‘Nintendo WiFi Connection’ logo, putting our minds at ease that the title will still offer ‘item trading’ over a wireless Internet connection.

You can check out the SSMB thread for the artwork here and also feast your eyes on a brand new screenshot of the game, of which sees Sonic bartering with some odd looking peasant character.

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  1. ‘new’? That artwork is from Sonic and the Secret Rings– they just added a sword to it! Check the OST if you don’t believe me, I do believe that’s where the art is actually from… o.o or is it just me?

  2. I don’ know which I like more now, this one or the western boxart. They’re both rad.

  3. I hope they also make the Wi-Fi to allow multiplayer battle or whatever not just trading…and make it more interesting than Sonic Chronicles’ Chao Trading with other DSs nearby D:

  4. I love how the only game boxes that are allowed to show a character smiling these days are Japanese.

  5. Japanese box-art always rocks. They get all the good stuff, while we get screwy versions of anime, bad voice acting (not really in Sonic games, but other ones) and extra cool jp-only things.

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