Apparently, you can make a living making crappy fangames

Apparently, you can make a living making crappy fangames

This story’s well-under “old news,” but I was just reminded of it when I walked into a Toys’R’Us today.  Everybody knows about the LeapFrog, the gaming system for the Dora the Explorer generation.  Did you know that Leapfrog has a Sonic the Hedgehog game?  Yeah, I bet that you didn’t.  Let me fill you in on the details: it totally sucks.  It’s suppose to teach kids how to spell, but that goal is mucked up by how much it sucks.  Wow, just wow:

Race through four action-packed classic Sonic zones, collecting rings to free Sonic’s animal friends that were captured by Dr. Eggman!

Teaches Spelling:
Consonant and vowel blends
Compound words
Plural words

I know that this game is for kids, but I think that it deserves a better effort than the one that was given.  Hit the break for a video of this atrocity, shoddy physics and all.

Thanks to Spike from SFGHQ for this tip.

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  1. When will they realize that Sonic and Learning just doesn’t mix? I’m proud of being a Sonic fan but this is a little… uh… suckery. You’re going through the usual Sonic stages and then running into that crap. If you want something like that, I’d recommend getting them some other piece of software… LeapFrog is crap.

  2. Haha! I loved this game, although yeah it was too short. The slight remixes also made me laugh.

  3. Ha! My little cousin who is 5 came to visit me. He had a Sonic X game for his Leapster. I tried it out, being a curious sonic fan, and it actually wasnt that bad (except being set in the Sonic X universe with all the annoying humans)

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