Signed SatAM DVD on eBay

Signed SatAM DVD on eBay

It’s clear to see that the best release of the SatAM DVD box set is the American one. Brits have also been lucky enough to see a SatAM boxset, but we don’t have any of that awesome artwork on the cover, nor the fan art that adorns the inside packaging. So what better than to get a copy of the American DVD boxset that’s also signed by Series 2 writers Ben Hurst and Pat Allee? Just your luck then, as such a item has hit eBay recently.

Former Fans United for SatAM website owner, Quexinos, is putting up this copy of the DVD boxset, said to be one of only three in the world to exist. The eBay auction includes a certificate of authenticity too, so you know you’re getting the real deal. According to current owner of FUS, RockyRaccoon, the auction’s proceeds are going to “Chief-Aid”; a campaign to help FUS Forum ‘Chief’ out of a financial hotspot. He’s a single father who’s just been laid off, and at this time of the year that’s just cold and brutal.

If you want to help the “Chief-Aid” cause and grab yourself a limited edition SatAM boxset in the process, then head on over to the eBay auction here to place your bid. The current bid is $41 at time of writing, as is the case with these ‘charity’ style things, if you feel like affording a bit more for what you feel the boxset is worth then it could truly change someone’s Christmas for the better. Our wishes go to ‘Chief’!

Autographed SatAM Boxed Set on eBay – SSMB (thanks for the tip, Rocky)

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