This Is Not How You Win Our Hallowe’en Competition

This Is Not How You Win Our Hallowe’en Competition

It’s generally understood that you only submit one entry into competitions. The case is no different with our currently ongoing Hallowe’en Competition for some Sonic Chronicles goodies. We can understand that one or two people may send two entries – be it accidentally (dupe-entries) or on purpose just to see if they can push their luck. But this is a bit excessive.

datkross412‘ decided that one of the best ways to get our attention is send in a whopping eighteen entries, featuring almost every Sonic character under the sun. The guy even did Sonic twice. I guess the plan was to see whether one of them was our favourite character or something. There was an entry for, in order: Sonic, Chip, Werehog, Tails, Rouge, Blaze, Shadow, Knuckles, Silver, Super Sonic, Eggman, Vector, Espio, Big, Amy, Metal Sonic, Elise, and Sonic again.

So yeah. Obviously, that’s taking the piss. We’re not going to pick the best one for his entry, much less look at them, so ‘datkross412’ here’s your challenge – pick one. Pick the entry you want to enter for this contest. If you don’t, we’ll bin them all and disqualify you. Usual contest email address, just give us the name of the character you want to keep.

And that ends today’s lesson in “Don’t give Svend a headache”. Thanks for playing.

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