UK Winners of Black Knight Contest Slowly Revealed

UK Winners of Black Knight Contest Slowly Revealed

The Sonic and the Black Knight Artwork contest has come to a close, and community art pieces from around the world have been judged by SEGA for inclusion in the upcoming Wii title. TSSZ has reported on several winners residing in Sonic Retro – and it turns out from the European side, some of our own SSMB Forum members have won too!

ArchAngelUK has been emailing the 20 European winners throughout the last day or so, but the full list has not been publically released, leaving us a waiting game to see who will pipe up in sheer joy and euphoria. Among the winners that have publically claimed WinRar is Violet who is a regular at our UK Sonic Meetups and was one of the main contributors to the Summer of Sonic convention this year. Word has it that TSS Merch Hog T-Bird has also won a place in the game. UK fans Mahzes, ENVY16, Sock-fox and Adamis from Belgium were also rocking winning pictures yesterday.

Other community members that voiced joy at the Sonic Retro forums was well-known community artist Purity; other namedrops include G. Silver, known best at the Green Hill Zone forums; Radrappy and DeviantArt member Aedelthryd.

The annoying thing? None of the winning entries are allowed to be shown until the game’s release next year. Bummer, I’m sure all the winners will want to show their piece to every man, woman and child right now. Congratulations to all the winners all over the world!

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