The One-Sided Talk Show Returns With A Vengeance

The One-Sided Talk Show Returns With A Vengeance


Tristan Oliver, you’re on notice.

Not only will I be taking calls to get opinions on the new game, Sonic Chronicles, but I have a personal axe to grind. Since TSSZ News finds it appropriate to make clean laundry dirty and then show it to the rest of the Sonic community, I’ll happily play along. Since TSSZ News finds that making controversial stories is the best way to get page views, I’ll gladly play that game, too.  The mud-slinging continues, because as of right now, I am extending an invitation to Tristan Oliver to be on the show to lose in a debate that he never even had a chance winning. Tristan, if you are reading this post (which I know you are), give me an answer in a PM box anywhere that you so choose, be it SSMB, SFGHQ, or whatever. Get Skype, a microphone, and some bandages ready once you accept this invitation, which in turn, is accepting your inevitable defeat.

The One-Sided Talk Show has had its share of heated debates, but this one looks to be the most personal of them all.  Fair warning, Tristan: when you mess with the best, you go down like the rest.

UPDATE: Sorry, 3 PM EST.  Typo, there.  Sorry for the confusion, guys.

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