Super Sonic Präsentiert: The Better One Wins!

Super Sonic Präsentiert: The Better One Wins!

Germany tried all sorts of ways to get Sonic to turn his talent to the music industry in the 1990s. We all know about They Call Me Sonic, and the mental scars it brings. And we don’t talk about Sonic & Tails. But check this out – discovered by keen TSS’er BlitzChris, this was a compilation pop record farmed out by BMG Germany to get those crazy kids to buy Bobby Brown’s Humpin’ Around. Released in 1992, it features 17 tracks from various artists, and the only link we have is that Super Sonic Dance Attack features in the tracklist. Now you can build tenuous links between Right Said Fred and Sonic the Hedgehog before Wonderman was ever concieved.

Game OST: Super Sonic Präsentiert: The Better One Wins

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