Sonic Unleashed TGS Footage, Positive Impressions

Sonic Unleashed TGS Footage, Positive Impressions

Like many on The Sonic Stadium, I have been fairly pessimistic regarding Sonic Unleashed. With severe frame rate problems being reported from several sources, as well as “boring looking” Werehog levels, it seemed like Unleashed may be more of the same. What’s more, due to bad magazine scans, the Wii version appeared to be a shoddy port.

The more I see of the game, however, the more it begins to win me over. Are the first, incredible looking videos from the Wii version enough to win you over? Is the latest preview good enough to get your hopes up? Decide for yourself. Here’s the first video. Two more videos and a preview after the break:

The newest preview, from Destructoid, gives hope to those wanting Unleashed to be a decent Sonic game. The preview’s conclusion should give you an idea of the article’s tone:

I only played two levels, and there is no telling if the amount of polish applied to the ones presented has been spread across the entire game with equal generosity. What I can tell you now, however, is that if Sonic Unleashed is able to keep up the unimaginative but fun gameplay I got to experience, we are about to see a console Sonic game that does not suck.

To read the entire preview in detail, go here.

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