‘Sonic Proof’: Prototype? Fact? Fiction?

‘Sonic Proof’: Prototype? Fact? Fiction?

Despite no efforts to the contrary, we are still able to obtain access to Sonic Retro, including their forum. It was there that a photo was discovered that featured a disc titled ‘Sonic Proof’. To put it into some context, this disc was apparently found in a room at Sega’s Headquarters which contains almost all of their work, including Dreamcast, Saturn and Mega Drive titles. The photo above shows (an obvious CD-R based) Sonic Proof wedged between some retail games.

But what does it all mean? Is it the working title for an old Sonic the Hedgehog engine? Is it a concept of another unreleased Sonic title altogether? Is it something unrelated to Sonic and even Sega (the ‘Sega room’ contained games from other publishers on PS2 as well)? Is it a massive hoax or a plant (although given the original photo is pretty legit, it might not be the case)? Who the heck knows? Not many at the moment, with speculation at a dead end pretty much.

We’re slapping this up as a rumour for now; Sonic Retro are pretty cool with getting information on old stuff, but until it’s verified it could well be a wild goose chase.

“Sonic Proof”? – Sonic Retro Message Board

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