Sega to release portable media device named Sega Vision?

Sega to release portable media device named Sega Vision?

Register Hardware is reporting that Sega are planning releasing a new portable media device next year under the name Sega Vision. Register Hardware do seem to have some proof to back up their report though with a promotional image and what seems to be an official trailer. The device is shown to be no bigger than a credit card, and has a list of features:

Portable TV tuner, MP4 movie player, MP3 music player, Digital camera, Video camera, Games (Trailer says they’re in Java form), eBooks and document reader, Voice Recorder.

Here is a promotional image Register Hardware are displaying in their article:

This device would definitely appeal to people who are yet to own some form of portable media device and it’s nice to see Sega release a piece of hardware even if it’s not a games console. Would be cool if it had a Sega published Sonic Java game built in.

What do you guy’s make of all this? Discuss over at the SSMB topic.

You can check out Register Hardware’s article and trailer here.

Source: Sega Nerds

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