Create Your Own Sonic Halloween Pumpkins

Create Your Own Sonic Halloween Pumpkins

Hey you. Excited about Halloween? Good. Got a pumpkin? Good. Want to make a Sonic pumpkin? You’re in luck my friend, as The Sonic Stadium has a set of pumpkin stensils that you can use to make your favourite character glow viciously in the twilight. These designs were submitted by Rally the Cheetah, who created all but the Amy pumpkin (which was created by ‘The Lioness’), but feel free to print any of these onto an A4 sheet of paper and go nuts.

You’ve got a choice of Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Shadow, Silver and Blaze. Click here for the stencils, along with a special tutorial made by Rally in case you’re unsure as to how to create your own Sonic Pumpkin.

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