BlueTube: Sonic 2 Ending in CG

BlueTube: Sonic 2 Ending in CG

It’s a very old video, yes we’ve seen it before, but did we have a cool regular feature to show it off with back then? No, we didn’t, and that’s why Chris Phyffer’s Sonic 2 CG Ending is in today’s edition of BlueTube. If you’ve seen it already, watch it again and remind yourself just why it’s so awesome – if you haven’t, watch it anyway because it’s… awesome. Captures a magic that hasn’t really been present in any 3D Sonic cutscene we can think of. Maybe it’s because Sonic doesn’t go into a goofy tirade about ‘smiling’ or ‘power of teamwork. Or generally because his flap doesn’t open at all. Good times.

Sonic 2 Ending – Youtube (thanks Maiku)

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