SEGASonic Radio is Back! Sort Of!

SEGASonic Radio is Back! Sort Of!

Oh, how long have you yearned for that fix of live broadcasting that only the SEGASonic Radio elite can provide, eh? HOW LONG. Well, a month and a bit actually, since the ‘Zone Radio Network went belly-up on us and never quite made it back. Poor little budgie. But fear not, because through the power of B’man we have taken ‘de law’ into our own hands and taken SSR back. So SSR is on local servers, or something. It’s also in OGG format. Ooh, Open Source tastes fruity doesn’t it?

SSR LiVECASTS will resume soon, as all it required on the part of our DJs is a little tweaking of certain settings on their broadcast software. I’m currently making a new SEGASonic Radio website for DJs to let everyone know when their show’s going to be delayed for the seventh week running too, but that’s not ready yet. For now, enjoy a decent (for once) quality stream using the following link! You may need a program that can run OGG, like VLC or Winamp.

The Sonic Hour will have it’s final show of the series this Sunday at 6pm GMT. It was going to be a month and a bit ago, but… well, look what happened. Be sure to hit the IRC Chat room (also linked in the top of any TSS page) and join us for our final hurrah of the year!

P.S. Yes, we didn’t have the Sonic Site Awards this year. Did you notice? Serious question.

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