SAGE Booth Registration Extended to August 16th

SAGE Booth Registration Extended to August 16th

I pretty much called this one.  Since everybody always works up until the last minute on their games, booths, or both, you can register your booth all the way up to the 16th of August, the last day before the show.  If you have already registered, but did not submit a link to your playable demo, you can re-register to make your booth a “featured booth.”

Remember, only booths with demos will be accepted as “featured booths,” getting bigger advertising than those without.  Another key point to remember is that if you are a banned member at Sonic Fan Games HQ, you are not allowed to enter SAGE under any circumstance.  If a member on your team happens to be a banned member, but you are not, you should probably consider kicking him out if you plan to register to what is to be the biggest SAGE of them all.  Finally, booths that have dead links on day 1 will be removed without notice.  That is all.

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