Sonic Chronicles is, apparently, WorthPlaying(.com)

Sonic Chronicles is, apparently, WorthPlaying(.com)

In the sixth paragraph of this review, you will find a sentence that will make you smile.  It reads:

One thing that must be said about Sonic Chronicles‘ combat was that, at least in the demo, it was shockingly fun.

That is really all I needed to read in this preview, but for the sake of this blog entry, I shall summarize for you tl;dr types. WorthPlaying noted that the battle system, while simple for an RPG, is surprisingly “fast and furious”, because many of your attacks hinge on your speed stat, which is what Sonic is all about. Comparisons with a fabulous DS title, Elite Beat Agents, arose when WorthPlaying got their hands on the game’s POW system, which are special attacks that are executed with slides and taps of the stylus. All of these gameplay elements are topped off with respectable graphics, they mentioned.

The other part of this preview that stuck to me was that Bioware has apparently managed all the damn characters in the Sonic universe and actually put them to good use in the gameplay and story department.

If the above statement is true, then I am one happy man, because the only other use I had for all those characters was to shoot, stab, and hang all of them, but SOMEBODY BEAT ME TO IT. Stupid pre-pubescent wank with Windows Movie Maker and too much time on his ugly hands…

Anyway, here’s the full preview:

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