Werehog teaser 2 is very teasing… and funny

Werehog teaser 2 is very teasing… and funny

Sega has released a new Sonic Unleashed trailer that teases us again about the whole Werehog thing. The trailer is set in a city at night showcasing mysterious sightings of blue hair and silhouttes “swinging from lamp post to lamp post”. The trailer first appeared at G4TV but has now shown up at Gametrailers.com with the title – “E3 2008: Mysterious Sightings Trailer”, so could we be seeing some proper gameplay or footage of Sonic’s vicious transformation at E3?

A screencap from the trailer of the Werehog has been posted at the SSMB by member Diogenes –

Very vicious indeedy! A lot of commentators on other sites have been quick to tear this trailer apart because of the fact ‘humans are in it’ and all that other garbage, but that’s like saying Sonic Advance had humans in it because of this commercial. Get a grip, ladies.

You can view the new trailer here.

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