SAGE 2008 news thread confirms games, events, & contests

SAGE 2008 news thread confirms games, events, & contests

SFGHQ member, Shadix, has posted the first chunk of information for the 2008 Sonic Amateur Game Expo.  Currently, the thread has surfaced only at SFGHQ, but it will shortly be making its rounds to every major Sonic fansite, including TSS.  Here’s the scoop on what’s confirmed for this year’s event:


  • SONIC NEXUS – a new engine and demo featuring a brand new zone
  • SUPER MARIO KINGDOMS – created by Sonic XG team member, Nitemare
  • SONIC FRENZY ADVENTURE – a new demo!
  • SONIC TIME TWISTED – the only good fangame to implement time travel
  • THE WHITE BOX – featuring Sonic Puzz, Avalon REMAKE, and Destiny Blade


  • RYAN DRUMMOND – time of appearance to be announced at a later date


  • THE REMIX COMPETITION – remix a tune from Sonic CD that’s at least 2:00 in length and NOT a midi rip
  • COMPLETE GAME – if your game is complete when SAGE rolls around, you’ll get your project spotlighted on the front page!


  • SAGE EXTRAS – comics, videos, and other non-game media are welcome to be put on display.  Contact Shadix for more information.
  • SAGECASTS – it has been around since the beginning.  Listen in or host a SAGEcast!
  • WORKSHOPS – none have been confirmed, but there are unannounced ones that have been lined up

Stay tuned for more information regarding the biggest, Sonic online community event for the past decade – SAGE 2008.

Source: SFGHQ

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