No Motion+ For Sonic and the Black Knight?

No Motion+ For Sonic and the Black Knight?

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With the recent announcement of Sonic’s sword wielding Wii adventure coming out next Spring, fans and gamers as a whole were stoked wondering whether or not this was to be the first game incorporating Nintendo’s recently E3 announced ‘Wii MotionPlus’ accessory. Unfortunately however, after some investigation work on Game Informers part, it doesn’t look like any games boasting the new Waggle Plus peripheral are set to emerge for quite some time.

Jeff Cork from Game Informer Online wrote:

We asked several third-party Wii developers about the Wii MotionPlus, and the general feeling was one of annoyance and betrayal. None of them said they had any advance notice about the peripheral, and we were told that they were as surprised as everyone else when Nintendo revealed its existence on stage. That lack of prior notice means that, aside from Nintendo’s own roster of games, users won’t likely see any support for the device for at least six to nine months. The developers we spoke to said they hadn’t received any information from Nintendo about how to implement Wii MotionPlus into their upcoming projects, and they also expressed doubt that they would be able to incorporate it into games that are currently deep in development.

Source here.

So what does this mean for Sonic and the Black Knight? We’re most likely not going to see any MotionPlus included in Sonic’s sword swinging adventure any time soon. SEGA however have not currently commented on the subject of whether or not they have been working with the add on, though things are looking quite unlikely. Don’t be disappointed though Sonic nuts. Like many are agreeing, the game would probably work best without it.

Sonic and the Black Knight will be hitting the Wii with standard remote wiggling Spring 2009.

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