Game Trailers – More Sonic Chronicles footage!

Game Trailers – More Sonic Chronicles footage!

Oo er, wouldn't want to meet that Chao in a dark alley.

Radu… chop!

Hurrah! Who could possibly say no to a bunch of new videos from the latest build of ‘Sonic Chronicles and the Dark Brotherhood’ on the Nintendo DS? Not TSS, that’s for sure! The new videos are viewable at GameTrailers here.

The footage actually may look a little similar to something else to most of you, and that’s because they’re actually videos that were included on the official website when released some weeks back. The difference now? GameTrailers have gone through all the trouble of adding in some ‘banging toonz’ from the game that certainly do sound awesome, and not to mention Sonic like.

The videos show off some footage of the ever-so famous ‘Green Hill Zone’, Mystic Ruins, Central City and the interactive Chao Garden (of which the music sounds like something from Jet Set Radio… which isn’t a bad thing!) We can also see some very familiar ring collecting by Sonic and an incredibly eventful video of Sonic exploring a ‘winding pathway.’ Awesome.

TSS wants your view on the new videos! Don’t be shy (although we well know by now the majority of you aren’t) and come down to the SSMB Topic created curtsy of Yong and give us your views on the footage and what we can hear from the music!

Want more from Sonic Chronicles? Don’t forget to come down to this years Summer of Sonic in London and try the game before anyone else! You can also check out some exclusive Sonic Chronicles style hint cards created by AAUK. The full game is released this September.