Unleashed: High Europe is High

Unleashed: High Europe is High

That initial Sonic Unleashed trailer was really nice and all, but didn’t you wish you saw more of the gameplay? Like, a whole two minutes worth? IGN felt your pain and showed a second trailer of the next major Sonic title. Apparently this is from the ‘High Europe’ stage, which doesn’t sound like a very cool name if you want my opinion but hey – it opens doors for a MECHA High Europe Zone in Sonic Unleashed 2, surely?

This video shows off some rather cool stuff, including QTEs (Quick Timed Events) to shift Sonic to the left and right, Sonic going in and out of the screen like a blue-arsed banshee and a lot of grinding and crashing through boxes.

Looks tight, but is it just me or does the blue bugger not stop at all during this sequence? Not even for a split second. If this isn’t another on-rails game like Secret Rings, SEGA’s not doing a very good job of showing it.

IGN Video (360 Version)

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