Worst Friday ever launches new SSR show this Tuesday

Worst Friday ever launches new SSR show this Tuesday

In one day, I lost the ability to walk on my own power, the opportunity to win $1,500, and missed out on formally debuting my new talk show during Sonic’s 17th Birthday Celebration on SSR.  You have all heard the story this past Friday where an emergency hospital visit let an unsupervised puppy chew away at my lone microphone.  Roarey thinks it’s funny…I think it sucks.

Now that it is well-established that I will be sidelined from any physical activity for about 3-5 weeks with an injured left hamstring, I guess I can put more time into the community.  For one, the Sonic Nexus team is back in full swing and I’ll probably be posting awesome updates sporadically up until this year’s Sonic Amateur Gaming Expo.  Secondly, I will be putting my “DJ” title to use with “The One Sided Talk Show,” an open, round-table discussion of all things Sonic.

THE SHOW WILL AIR EVERY TUESDAY AT 2 PM Eastern Standard Time. Get yourself a time converter to figure out when it’s on in your town.

To call-in to the show and participate in the discussion that I will surely dominate, you will need Skype.  Next, add “SLOSTS” to your Skype buddy list.  This screen name will be the one active during the show.  This Tuesday, the floor is open to the entire community to discuss the Genesis classics.

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