Sonic’s Birthday: SEGASonic Radio Celebrations

Sonic’s Birthday: SEGASonic Radio Celebrations

17th Anniversary logo created by Professor-J from The Sonic Show

Because we’re cool like that, SEGASonic Radio is having a special weekend dedicated to Sonic the Hedgehog in honour of his 17th Birthday on the 23rd. Sounds a bit silly having that sort of dedication on a radio station already dedicated to the blue hog, but don’t kill the moment eh?

There will be several two-hour slots every evening from 5pm GMT starting Friday 20th (that’s tomorrow) to Sunday 22nd, with a special joint LiVECAST with Roarey_Raccoon, Urtheart and SpeedKnux on Monday 23rd (Sonic’s big day) at 8pm GMT. Be sure to listen to SSR and hit up the IRC Chatroom (links at the top of the page) when the fun begins. Hit the link below for full details.

Friday the 20th’s festivities kick off at 5pm with a Retro theme – all of the shows on this day will focus on Sonic’s past in gaming, from console to handheld. Urtheart brings us his Master System Special from 5pm-7pm as he reviews all of Sonic’s 8-bit endeavours, along with insights into their development. Following that Hypersonic does a Classic Countdown at 7pm-9pm, counting down favourite music tracks from the golden age of gaming. Finally, golden balls himself Slingerland will be hosting a One-Sided Talk Show at 9pm-11pm focusing on classic hedgehog action.

Saturday the 21st sees a theme of everything else Sonic has been involved in. Cartoons, merchandise, comics, you name it. This is the Chintzy Day, and begins with SSR favourite Roarey_Raccoon at 5pm-7pm with The Robotropolis Zone – you’ll hear loads of stuff on the decade-old Sonic cartoons of yesteryear. That suddenly turns into a show of extremely acquired taste with SpeedKnux’s Sonic Underground Super Show at 7pm-9pm. Hope you have your cheese lasers set to stun.

Then later on in the evening you get a visit from little old me, as I host Dodgy Dread’s Sonic Shrine Emporium from 9pm-11pm Saturday. I will be focusing on the merchandise side of Sonic, along with the playing of tracks that don’t necessarily belong to either game nor cartoon… Turbo then gets things going till the wee hours of the morn with a special edition of Turbo Drive Live from 11pm-1am.

Sunday the 22nd calls upon Sonic the Hedgehog’s 3D years, and looks toward the future of the blue spiky git. From 7pm-9pm Roareye will be doing a Tiger’s Eye Special which will no doubt feature some choice Sonic 3D tunes, and ArchAngelUK provides the perfect roundoff to a decent weekend with Radio Redux Live! Birthday Special at 9pm-11pm.

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