TSS Gets A Kick Up The Arse / Sonic Adventures

TSS Gets A Kick Up The Arse / Sonic Adventures

You may have noticed the main site going wibbly wobbly the last few days. Well, here’s a bit of history: B’man and I are working on a new TSS that’s all fancy and has jazz hands and everything round the back here. Problem is, knowing how I am, this is going to take an age. I was kind of hoping that if I focused on just that new dynamic site, we’ll have it done quicker and then TSS updates could be worked on upon its launch. Well, it’s not likely to be finished any time soon due to many reasons, so I’ve currently turned to working my nuts off on the site as it is to make sure it’s up to date and such. That includes bringing in the new design into the current TSS system, which you can see the initial results of on any TSS page. You may have noticed I’ve bunched everything non-Game into a new section called ‘Info Zone’. It’s just easier that way. And I’ve revived the Downloads section. Enjoy.

Speaking of Downloads, look at the DefChamba. Go on. Take a peek. I’m finally getting round to finishing off the missing music. The cool thing is, I’ve re-tagged and filenamed all of these PROPERLY – DefChamba is just about the only place you’ll get Sonic music tagged with the real artist and named in a fashion that makes sense. So dive in guys. Still a way to go, but everything in the Music & Soundtracks archive are the real deal. I’m re-tagging and uploading new stuff all the time.

I’ve finally gotten round to reviewing Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity. But before you go wondering what ‘definitive score’ I’ve given the game, I should let you know that I haven’t. I have brought in a new structure for reviewing Sonic games and scores no longer exist. Read it here and let me know your impressions of me reviewing in this way – I certainly feel all the more better for doing it this way, especially since walls of text put me off, and scores can change with age. If you like me reviewing in this way, I may use it for other purposes…

In other news, the SEGA Superstars Tennis website has been updated with character profiles. Back in February when I was doing some work for SEGA, that work involved writing a story for the game, as well as character profiles for everyone in the game. SEGA decided not to use the story in the end (I thought it was awesome – one day I may indulge you all in it) and the Sonic character profiles have been altered to their generic Sonic Channel ones instead, but all the other character descriptions (including the names of the special moves and descriptions) were written by yours truly. I quite like Bamboleo De Maracas. Took me a while to think of that one.

Finally, I want to update everyone on an upcoming addition to the TSS Network – we’re getting our own Sonic the Hedgehog comic. It’s by no means a rush job either – the guys behind it are very talented (some have dabbled in the STC Online comic) and the project was meant to launch some months ago, but it’s been delayed. It’s looking like soon may be the time you get to read the first edition of ‘Sonic Adventures’ as my man ‘Crystal’ has just informed me it’ll be launched this Spring. Check the Sonic News article for details.

There’s still a way to go with the site re-jig, what with all the content and info that’s passed me by for the last year or so. Along with some skin things to sort out (sorry, character skins are going to be away for a while on the main site guys). So bear with me. You can track latest game additions on the sidebar on any TSS page – I wouldn’t really trust the ‘Updates’ grid on the home page anymore. Speaking of which, the homepage is also due for a bit of a makeover, so look out for that too.

OK, I’m done talking, enjoy. Oh, and vote for Psykore. ­čÖé

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