Sonic Adventures: TSSNET Comic Coming Soon

Sonic Adventures: TSSNET Comic Coming Soon

The Sonic Stadium will soon be host to a new Sonic the Hedgehog comic, due to release its first edition in Spring 2008. Here’s some information direct from the comic’s creators, Cleardream productions.

The comic is based primarily on the Sonic games, however it borrows elements from other continuities to create something fresh, exciting, and unique. The comic also aims to engage more mature readers and long term fans by portraying a more darker side to the Sonic universe as well as having a mature theme.

Various famous places will feature in the comic in their own unique ways and will also help drive the story forward as well as shed some insight on the past. Places such as the Green Hills of South Island, the Mystic Ruins of South America, and the more recent Soleanna of Europe. Not to worry though, that’s not to say there will be any Hedgehog on Human Girl rubbish like in Sonic ’06.

Various characters will feature as well, but not a huge mammoth library like Archie. These include your usual favourites, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy, as well as Mina and Bunny, and Eggman’s new cohorts, Swift and Fang.

With Sonic Adventures things are going to be different. You’re going to see a whole new side to these characters, their personalities, their history, and their relationships to each other. Sonic himself will be in depth with us delving into his past and looking at his hidden connections with Eggman in the early days, while at the same time looking at Eggman and seeing what drove him to this life as well as being portrayed a bit darker.

The comic itself will start with a bang. Jumping straight into the action as Eggman emerges after two years absence to strike at the worlds innocents once more in Emerald Town. The plot thickens and soon Sonic and Tails will be caught in an out of control situation with a race against time as Eggman’s technology improves, his tactics become deadlier, and people place their trust more and more in what will soon be their downfall.

Sonic Adventures promises to be a blast with whole brand new stories and exciting tales. We hope to bring you this publication every fortnight with the help of our many many talented artists, so you don’t have to wait months on end waiting to see what happens.

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