New Sonic Game Screenshots Discovered

New Sonic Game Screenshots Discovered

Some screenshots have been uncovered from a “SEGA FTP” that appear to be the first images of new title ‘Sonic Unleashed’.

Alsha ClanClan Prower of the EspioKaos Message Board discovered the following images whilst browsing one of “SEGA’s FTP” portals. They indicate a CG introduction involving Super Sonic being defeated by Eggman, and various locales based on cities in Greece.

unleashed1 unleashed2 unleashed3 unleashed4 unleashed5 unleashed6 unleashed7 unleashed8 unleashed9 unleashed10 unleashed11 unleashed12 unleashed13

The gameplay looks to be similar in style to Sonic and the Secret Rings; this has brought speculation to the table that “Sonic Unleashed” could well be headed for the Nintendo Wii. The graphics look a bit too good for the motion-detecting system, however.

SEGA have been unable to confirm whether the screens are a hoax or not to date, but we will be checking with them very soon on the matter. In the meantime, enjoy.

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