SoS! SoS! SoS!

SoS! SoS! SoS!

Hey guys, I know I’ve not been about a bit, have been scurrying things about like a squirrel for the site. Or something. Went to a pretty cool Mario & Sonic DS community event yesterday at the Wii Flat with some other Sonical chaps – although because it’s out on Friday and we weren’t given a review copy we ain’t reviewin’ it. So let us know what you think of it in the M&S Subforum in the games area of the SSMB!

Anyway, I’ve come to let you know that I’m planning something. Something rather big. You see, back in 2006, I headed up a side project called The Summer of Sonic, which was a successful collaboration of all the top Sonic fansites to celebrate Sonic’s 15th Anniversary. Despite rantings from now-dead forums claiming the idea would suck (yes FlashTHD, there is a reason the Sonic community is so separated, and that reason would be people like you), sites as diverse as TSS, Sonic Wrecks, Sonic CulT and even SEGA got involved in the festivities.Since then, people have wanted me to continue it on a yearly basis. That, I’m unwilling to do – the project involved me getting my hands dirty and creating masses of HTML pages, sorting through files manually and uploading them individually for a solid 6 weeks. But I always intended on bringing the name back in some form or another, as it’s just too good to let go. While nothing was done in 2007, we had many community meetups (much like the Mario & Sonic one I just went to) that have been awesome experiences all round.

This year I want to take that further. Ideally, The Sonic Stadium would love to rent out a hall someplace, stick up some decorations, banners and whatnot, and host the biggest Sonic community meetup ever held. The Summer of Sonic 2008 is a project that will see us celebrating Sonic’s birthday in London, with activities like games to play, comics to read and even contests! SEGA Europe are very interested in the idea so we’re currently planning things to see whether we can really pull this off.

What I want to know however, before I do any snooping around for locations, is how many people would realistically turn up to an event like this. Would you be willing to travel to London late June/early July 2008 and celebrating Sonic’s birthday with fellow Sonic fans? With, dare I say, FREE CAKE!? Dates are yet to be confirmed as I really need numbers before I book anyplace, but it will be hosted on a Saturday, ideally on either June 28th or July 5th, give or take a week. We’re having it on a Saturday because it’s the most accessible day to all, so pull a sickie at work or get time off work around that time and it will all be swell.

However, if you say you would love to turn up to an event like this, you have to really mean it, and not just say you will turn up on a whim and then pull out weeks before the event, OK? Only those serious about coming to something like this should apply, please. If you can’t turn up or don’t want to turn up that’s fine, but don’t moan or whatever about how it’s in London or whatever. You can either come or you can’t. ­čśŤ

SO! Who’s up for going to a mini-Sonic con?

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