Name A Sonic Chronicles Race! Excitement!

Name A Sonic Chronicles Race! Excitement!

So I’ve just spent the last few days working at SEGA Europe. It was fun. Can’t tell you all what for now, because otherwise I’d never hear the end of it (plus I did sign some stuff) so I’ll just say I went there and it was good. We also got Sonic Riders Zero Gravity in the house, so you’ll be seeing a review of that real soon (like, Friday) along with loads of crap I have on some asset disc I was given.

In other news, SEGA Superstars Tennis’ new site was launched the other day. I saw it the other night, it’s a really sweet looking website. Apparently people are excited about the fact that there’s a “Story” involved… er, I can say that yes, there is a ‘sort of’ story to the game. You won’t likely see it in the game, it’s just a premise that ties everything together. At least, I think it works pretty well so far. Don’t quote me on that though.

Finally, AAUK’s let us all name an alien race in Sonic Chronicles: Dark Brotherhood. BioWare have given SEGA Europe an important race of creatures that will feature prominently in the DS RPG. There’ll be a poll of names coming soon, and the winning name chosen by the community will be ‘the one’. The polls open on March 3rd, so we’ll have some more news for you when that time comes.

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