Mario & Sonic DS Exclusive Screens

Mario & Sonic DS Exclusive Screens

SEGA have handed The Sonic Stadium several exclusive screenshots of the upcoming Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games… er, game on Nintendo DS. The title is scheduled for release on February 8th (that’s this Friday fact fans) and features many events found in the Wii version, only downsized and built for the touch screen portable. There will also be a few Nintendo DS specific events, including Cycling and Basketball.

Basketball involves touching balls on the touch screen and throwing them upwards to land in the moving basket nets in the top screen. Power up balls appear including ones that block opponent’s nets, lining up your own nets for combos and golden balls for triple points. Here we see Waluigi taking the top gong – we’re not entirely sure whether Rory was playing this game when the screengrabs were taken…

The Vault event returns in miniature form, where numbers have to be tapped in order on the touch screen to perform tricks. It’s quite difficult as the speed in which you have to do it, so practice on your copies of Ouendan/Elite Beat Agents before you try this one. You also have to swipe to account for your balancing when you land.

The Sonic Stadium was invited to a community day on Monday where many different fans came together to play all the different modes of the game. You can expect a report on that to appear on here very soon, along with photos of all our ugly mugs.

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