Sonic ’06 Xbox360/PS3 discontinued?

Sonic ’06 Xbox360/PS3 discontinued?

If your looking for a Sonic fix on Xbox 360 or PS3 this Christmas, don’t expect to find it in your local high street or shopping centre. Many major video game retailers in the UK have now removed stock of Sonic the Hedgehog for Xbox 360/PS3 from their shelves. Stores include: GAME, Gamestation, HMV, Zavvi, Currys/Digital and Comet.

Many online retailers have stopped listing the game too or have it listed as ‘Out of stock’. Gamestation’s site had it listed as ‘Out of stock’ this morning and removed the game this afternoon. Some online retailers still have it in stock at very cheap clearance type prices.

  • HMV’s website lists both formats currently out of stock;
  • Zavvi’s website lists both formats at clearance type prices;
  • AmazonUK only list it by other sellers and no longer sell it themselves now;
  • GAME’s website list the PS3 version as ‘Stock alert’
  • Gamestation’s website listed both formats this morning as ‘Out of stock’ and now this afternoon it is no longer listed but replaced with “No results” messages.

So this beg’s the question is the game being discontinued? All sign’s point to yes as the game hasn’t exactly been selling very well due to many bad reviews and the game being rushed resulting in gamers finding plenty of problems with the game.

If the game has been discontinued then, rest in peace Sonic ’06….

UPDATE: Gamestation are now listing the game again, currently the Xbox 360 version is out of stock new and pre-owned and the price’s have been altered to £12.98 brand new, or £12.99 pre-owned.

So, the new price is now cheaper than pre-owned? I smell eau de clearance… PS3 version is available new at £24.99 and pre-owned is out of stock at £22.99.