Sega looking to acquire another company?

Sega looking to acquire another company?

Now that the Activision Blizzard emergence is over Mike Hayes president of Sega Europe has told MCV their company could be next to acquire another company.

With Mario and Sonic reaching the Chart track number 1 spot Sega have obviously benefited from deals with another company, so can they bring in a similar result again if they acquire a company?

Here are Mike Hayes quotes from the article:

“The growth challenge is never over,” said Hayes. “Therefore like most other publishers we are always on the look-out for new signings – product or company.”

“We have taken staff on at a rapid rate simply because we have been building our infrastructure and studios to enable us to be a successful publisher through Europe,” added Hayes.

“For the most part this ‘establishment’ strategy is complete. However we are still looking for several key staff to continue our growth.”

“All the new platforms have done exceptionally well for Sega. We had a strong start with PS3, as well as good sales on 360 and Wii and good share on PSP – whilst Sonic Rush still remains Europe’s best selling third party DS title.”

Should Sega Europe take this path? If they do which company do you think they should acquire? Discuss this and more over at the SSMB.

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