More Sonic Merchandise for UK Fans!

More Sonic Merchandise for UK Fans!

UK Sonic Merchandise collectors rejoice! The UK videogames retailers GAME are now stocking a selection of Sonic the Hedgehog plush toys. Currently stores have stocks of Sonic and Tails plushes, but I was politely informed by a staff member that there will also be a Doctor Eggman and Knuckles plush available before the year is out.

As you can see the plushes are retro-style, fitting in with the other retro style merchandise that has been released recently. They currently retail at £9.99. Not the most amazing plushes I’ve seen around (Tail’s fringe is Yellow and can moved over his eye to make him look Emo!). They look nothing like the ones advertised on the site either, but not bad for a tenner. A last minute Christmas gift perhaps?

Cheers to Turbo for informing me of these; I rushed out to get them!

P.S. Check out your local Gamestation for clearance Sonic goods – I managed to pick up a Sonic metal keyring for £2.98, £7 cheaper than it’s initial retail price!

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