‘Tec Toys’ to release Portable Mega Drive

‘Tec Toys’ to release Portable Mega Drive

To me, the screen looks even smaller then a Gameboy Micros!

The Brazilian company Tec Toys announced today that they are to be releasing a sort of SEGA Nomad device which lets you play 20 built in Mega Drive/Genesis titles on December 5th.

The device will retail for (a hefty) $110, around £55 if translated into UK currency. Using three AAA batteries for power, it also includes an apparent Hi-Definition screen with ports allowing you to hook up the video and audio to a television set.

See the full list of games at SEGA Nerds.com

To me, the device doesn’t look like it’s worth £55 what-so-ever. It would defiantly be cool to carry twenty classic Mega Drive games around with you wherever you go, but with no Comix Zone, Vectorman, Cool Spot or Dynamite Headdy I don’t think I personally will be buying.

Do any of you guys think it’d be worth the cash to re-live the golden days on to go?